In the soul of sicily turs Emotional tours of Sicily



In the Soul of Sicily,  introduces a new concept of Tourism “Relational tourism with Emotional Journey” dedicated to “special travelers”, who appreciate and search a true immersion into the “heart and  soul” of the land and its people.

In the Soul of Sicily allows travelers to become actors/protagonists and not just spectators of Sicily. And it does so, through the eyes and the life of the local people who in turn become exceptional guides and collaborators, each of them specialized in their own field.

In the Soul of Sicily transforms a trip to Sicily into a multisensory experience, overcoming stereotypes of mass tourism.

Because tourism now is not only “To See” but also “To Know” and “To Do

We have the conception of the territory as a complex system of forces, that if, coordinated in a unified strategy, is able to create mutual cultural enrichment not only for visitors, but also for the volunteer guides, the locals and the territory

We could say with a thousand words what we do different from others, but we prefer to prove it with facts!

Our offer is divided into several thematic lines:

Landscapes – Nature – Gastronomy – Interactions – History – Art – Culture – Music – Traditions